Comic Review: Storm #3

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Title: Storm #3 (Storm (2014) #3)
Author: Greg Pak, Matteo Buffagni (Illustrator),  David Yardin (Cover artist)
Release Date:  September 24th 2014
Publisher: Marvel
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★★
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Long ago, after she was worshipped as a goddess on the plains of Africa, Storm was stripped of her mutant powers and fell into deep depression. A brilliant inventor named Forge came to her rescue and nursed her back to health, showing her that she is so much more than her superhuman abilities. And a romance blossomed between them. But it was a love made to be broken. Now, years later, Storm has the powers and stature of a goddess once more, and she is reunited with Forge. But what does fate have in store for the pair this time? 


My Review: 

With the new Storm series, a running theme seems to be Storm encountering her past and fixing or confronting the people in her past and in reflection to who she was then and who she is now.Greg Pak also uses this to fix the more problematic plots of past issues from X-Men regarding Storm. Storm meets Forge again, who tricked her into coming back home to Kenya to help him with a drought in her old home where she was revered as a goddess. 

For those who don't know the history of X-Men, Forge and Storm were together a long time ago and Forge, being a mutant with the power of invention, accidentally took away her powers with a machine that was designed for Rogue, who was considered dangerous at the time. 

Needless to say, Storm doesn't hold Forge in high regard.

The story in this issue is not particularly eventful since it's just Storm helping out a village that is suffering a drought but the writing is solid despite not being a plot driven issue. 

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Storm #3 can be found here and at your local comic book store. 

-Amanda Leon

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