Chill // Summer Vibes 2015 Playlist

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Second summer playlist of the year! Have a listen! 

Hey all! You're asking yourself, another summer playlist? Didn't you post one already? Yes, I did post my annual seasonal playlist for summer, which you can listen to right here

I'm creating a new series of seasonal playlists that will be more downtempo or 'chill', that's great study music, for reading and putting on while at your favorite coffee shop. 

I'm still going to be putting out my seasonal playlists along with my Chill // playlists so you have a pick if you want more upbeat songs or more relaxing tunes. 

Later on, I will be posting a playlist on Spotify that will be all the Chill // playlists together for the year so you can listen to them all in one place. 

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-Amanda Leon 

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