My Record Player + Favorite Vinyls


I've had a love affair with record players and vinyls since my grandfather taught me how to use a record player to play his favorite Elvis and Ella Fitzgerald records as a child. I've had a handful of record players throughout the year and I'm so in love with my current setup.


The Kills - Midnight Boom 2008

The Kills are one of my favorite bands and their third album is rock minimalism perfection. 

David Bowie - ALADDIN Sane 1973

This a vintage vinyl that came with the original receipt from 1973! This is my favorite Bowie album and listening to it on vinyl knowing it's a copy from the original release date is pure magic.

fleetwood Mac - Black magic woman 1971

Another vintage record! I discovered this beauty at my local record store and found out it's a pretty rare compilation album pre Stevie Nicks.

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  1. I don't have a record player, but I sure do love some fleetwood mac. It seems like you have great music taste!

  2. Something that stay critical with regards to playing vinyl records is the nature of the turn table stylus. Such a great amount of relies on upon this little bit of gear that a breaking down or low quality stylus can totally demolish the music.