Travel Adventures: Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg

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Traveling is a passion of mine, I love the idea of hopping on a plane and in a few hours be in an entirely different world. Now, it's easier than ever to travel, and I wanted to share with you my new and favorite places, so it might inspire you to go somewhere you've never been before. 

I'm a huge fan of art, especially of Salvador Dalí. Dalí was a surrealist artist who created gorgeous and trippy works of art and was one of the icons of the Surrealist art movement. 

The Dalí museum in St. Petersburg is the largest collection of Dalí's works outside of Europe. It's a gorgeous place, and being such a big fan of his work, it was a dream to see his original works. 

Check out the pictures of my road trip and the museum below! 

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge heading into St. Petersburg.

Local seafood restaurant. They pick and sell their own fish and marine life, so cool! 

Dalí museum

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has amazing street art and murals, which was a wonderful surprise cruising around the city.  

The Dalí Museum was an amazing experience! If you get the opportunity to visit, definitely go! More info on tickets and museum events here.

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