How To Survive The Miami Book Fair! (+ Tips and Tricks)

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Hey everyone! I had a fantastic response to my Book Expo America Tips and Tricks so I decided to continue my series and go local! This year in my hometown of Miami, it's the annual Miami Book Fair where hundreds of prominent authors attend and for a book lover like me, it's book heaven. 

I wrote this guide for those attending this year and if you're not, make sure to follow me on twitter and snapchat (username missamandaleon) where I'll be live tweeting and snapchatting the entire course of the Fair! 

Read on for my tips and tricks to getting the best out of the Miami Book Fair! 

Arrive Early: The Miami book fair gets packed. Over 200,000+ people attend every year and for good reason. Arriving early means you'll find good parking and have an easier commute and avoid the huge crowds come noon. 

Take Advantage of Tote Bags: You'll be surrounded by lots of books at the Miami Book Fair, duh. From collectibles to rare vintage finds at the street fair to books from your favorite authors that are in attendance. 

I bring a nicely sized purse with me but you'll be handed tote bags throughout your stay at the fair so take advantage of them and store your goods inside of them. Your arms will thank you later. 

Go To The Street Fair: The street fair is on one my favorite aspects of the Miami Book fair, year after year. It's full of publishers, independent book stores and companies, and everything else you can think of. It's a great place to network, find out about places and companies that you haven't heard of before and find amazing new and vintage finds on sale in the street fair. 

Have a schedule: There's over 450 authors presenting at the Book Fair this year so it's important to have a schedule of who you want to see and where they're going to read and discuss their work. I usually do my own schedule which I talked about in detail in my Book Expo Tips and Tricks (link to my insane, color colored google doc here)

Go to and look at the programs, events and authors attending this year. What's great about the website is that they have a My Schedule feature so you can build your own customizable schedule with one click. 

But. . . Have an Open Mind: You'll probably miss some events due to a time conflict, another event that you want to go to is in another building or whatever else. It's okay!

Most of my favorite events that are memorable to me were the ones that were spur of the moment and that caught my eye last minute. It's very easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed due to wanting to see everything the Book Fair has to offer but it's important to be in the moment and enjoy yourself. 

For those not attending the Fair or out of town I'll be live tweeting and snapchating during the Miami Book Fair which is from November 15 to the 22nd. 

Follow me on twitter and snapchat! My username on Snapchat is missamandaleon. 

Follow me on social media, I always love hearing from you! 

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