Skin Care Review: Lush Dark Angels


Dark Angels are made with charcoal and black sugar and promises to "gently exfoliate and absorb excess oils to leave dull, oily or acne-prone skin feeling fresh and matte."

Dark Angels is an exfoliating cleanser that is gentle enough to use everyday that promises to help oily and sensitive skin. 

I've been on the hunt for a cleanser that I like enough to use on my oily and sensitive skin and I was recommended this product by a friend who used it and it completely cleared up his skin.

Dark Angels has an oily and slightly rough texture to it, but blends out to a creamy consistency.

I heard a lot about Dark Angels being messy, which it is. I use it in the shower since it tends to run when you're applying it on your face. It didn't stain my bathtub or my shower curtains, which I heard happened to other people who used the product. 

This cleanser left my face radiant and smooth, but unfortunately, completely broke me out the second time I used it. I cut it down to three times a week, but kept breaking me out every single time I used this product. 

I would steer clear of this if you have sensitive skin, since it will most likely break you out or give you an allergic reaction. 

Dark Angels retails for $12.95 - $31.95 and is available here.

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Have you tried Lush's Dark Angels? Did you like it? What's your favorite cleanser at the moment? 

-Amanda Leon

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  1. I love Lush & have been wondering about this cleanser for a while. It's good to know that it's messy & didn't work for you. I love their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser & recommend it!

    The Blush Blonde

  2. I used the Dark Angels as well and my face broke out in a rash. I had to call my dermatologist to see what I should do about this. :(