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I've had tons of requests for a tour of my bookshelf/how I store my books! Click on to see my complete bookshelf tour! 

A lot of people organize their books differently, and the way that I organize my bookshelf is by putting them in sections by genre. 

First row - Top left: Classics (up to the 20th century) organized by year of publication. 

Rest of top row from middle to left: Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Biographies and Autobiographies about and set during a historical time setting. 

Second and Third Row: All series regardless if they're YA or not. On the third row, left, I put all my graphic novels and comics together in one section. 

Fourth Row: Stand Alones, Novels, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Biographies and Autobiographies about and set during a contemporary time setting. I organize the fourth row by color, going for a rainbow effect, since order doesn't really matter with novels. 

This is a limited edition poster for the book Burn For Burn that was signed by the authors Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian!  

I put all my vinyls on the shelf too! Bottom left, fourth row. I have my record player on the other side of the room and I have a decent collection of vinyls from Coldplay (featured in the picture up top!) to Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Jack White, The Kills, The Doors etc.

I've read most of the books on my shelf and you can check out the books I've read along with the reviews I've written for them here

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you want me to spotlight any books I didn't specifically mention and tell me how you organize your own personal bookshelf! 

-Amanda Leon 

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  1. This is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting ways of organizing a bookshelf. I have mine by dewie decimal system because I couldn't sleep one night and decided to reorganize my books.