Skin Care Review: Lush Ayesha Fresh Face Mask Review

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My love affair with Lush is a long one, going back to high school. I tried a variety of their products, and I love that they are an all natural brand and use fresh ingredients for most of their products. 

I tried a handful of their fresh face masks and I wanted to expand my horizons and try another mask that I haven't gotten my hands on yet. 

Ayesha is marketed for 'mature skin' and promises to 'temporarily tighten things up and gives you that gorgeous, youthful glow'. I was told that Ayesha could be used on any skin type and that it's mostly for brightening up the face.

I found the mask runny and chunky but stayed on my face and didn't fall off, which was a good sign. I left the mask on for 10 minutes and I found my skin to be kind of glowy afterwards, but it the effects were really subtle on my skin. 

I used this mask for two weeks, twice a week and found that my skin seemed plump and healthy, but didn't do much for my breakouts or hyperpigmentation. I liked this mask, but I didn't love it and I'm not sure if I would use it again. If you're looking for more glow to your skin than definitely check it out, if not, just pass up on it. 

Ayesha retails for $6.95 and is available here.

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-Amanda Leon

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