Week XI China Glaze Hook and Line

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Hello guys! Welcome back! I took some time off to revamp the site and make it way bigger and better for you all. I hope you're loving the new look for Reads By Amanda as much as I do! I'm back full time now with posts three times a week (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!) 

So what's better than to kick off the end of my mini hiatus with a beauty post featuring the Hunger Games! 

Fall is in full swing and I wanted to try a nail color that wasn't the typical bronze, orange, or dark red or violet color that is the norm for this time of year. 

So, why not gray?! 

I grabbed this color when China Glaze teamed up with the Hunger Games during the first movie and launched a limited nail polish collection to team up the movie's release.  I had most of the colors from this collection and the gray one always caught my eye, but I was concerned that the color would look dull and lifeless on my nails. 

I'm really surprised that this color is quite pretty and seasonal. It's understated chic yet bold due to the unexpected color and anything but drab. Also, it photographs beautifully, as you can see above. Also, it's a great way to celebrate the fact that Mockingjay, Part 1 is coming out Friday. 

This collection is no longer available in stores, but you can snag up Hook and Line online here

Would you ever try gray nail polish on yourself? And what is your favorite color for fall? Let me know below! 

-Amanda Leon 
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