Top Nail Polishes for Fall

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Whenever fall or autumn comes around, I like to choose colors that are deeper in hue than my usual spring or summer picks. Fall colors are all about rich colors and darker hues that are meant to transition to the wintertime. 

Here, I picked some of my favorite fall nail polish colors, varying from the typical to the unexpected. 

Essie's Mademoiselle: This color is so beautifully understated and nudes work well in the fall time since it provides a nice contrast to the weather, and the rest of your outfit, of course. 

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Mystic Mystique: This is a light shimmery violet that goes on smooth and has a great bronze undertone that makes this perfect for the season. 

Essie's Penny Talk: This is brighter than your usual bronze that everyone else is going to wear. It changes based on the lighting, which makes this an unexpected but brilliant nail color. 

Chanel's Vamp: A true classic. This is one of my favorite colors ever, and it's perfect to use all year round. This is the classic dark violet color and it should be a beauty staple in your collection, if it isn't already. 

OPI's Green On The Runway: I always veered away from greens since I never thought that green nail polish could ever look good, but this is another polish that changes color and looks bronze or a deep, rich, dark green, based on where the light hits it. 

-Amanda Leon

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