Saga Issue #21 Comic Review

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Title: Saga #21
Author: Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Release Date: July 23rd 2014 
Publisher: Image Comics
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★★★


Not every robot is lucky enough to be born a royal.

My Review: 

Issue 21 is a Very Important Issue™ as in everything is becoming more dangerous and desperate for all of the characters. 

The opening scene is fantastic and you can feel how controlled and calculated Dengo is, the lowly robot who stole the baby robot prince and the splash page is horrifying and fantastic in his ruthlessness to achieve whatever goals he has set out.

An interesting element of Saga is that Hazel is narrating from the future and drops some hints as to her parents' future, which I'm sure is some foreshadowing that I can't see, but Alana and Marko's sex scene is so desperate and rushed to rekindle some intimacy that it's sad to see these two characters falling apart. 

All in all, this latest issue is fantastic and I'm excited to see where this story goes. 

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