How to Stay Sane This Holiday Season // Winter Essentials

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Holidays are a double edged sword. It's a time for family, great Christmas decoration and sharing time with loved times. At the same time, it can be stressful, and for me personally, without the constant grind of school and work, I get restless with so much leisure time. 

Here are some my favorite things and essentials to keep sane this holiday season!

-Poetry: I adore poetry. It's an easy way to unwind and expand your mind by reading something shorter and not long form. Pictured above are some of my absolute favorites. 

Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke 
Early Work: 1970-1979 by Patti Smith 

-Candles: Candles are an easy way to relax and get in the mood, especially if the weather isn't actually winter yet. (Currently writing this in 80 degree weather. Insane!) My favorites are Bath and Body Works candles, especially Frosted Cranberry and Winter

-Sheet masks: Pampering yourself and knowing when to take a break is so important, as Audre Lorde said so well. My favorite skin quick fixes are sheet masks, and my holy grail sheet masks are these from Japan. 

-Decor: Home decor is a given, and gets anyone in the mood. On top of decorating the typical living room and outside areas, I find that decorating your room adds a nice boost to feeling in the holiday season.

What are some of your favorite essentials for winter?

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