Minimalism: How To Organize Any Junk Drawer

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Easy tips and tricks to clean out your space and embrace minimal living! 

Every seasonal change, I like to organize and change my living space. One of the biggest challenges I wanted to tackle was the drawer in my vanity. It was a big space, and quickly turned into a dumping ground for my hairbrushes, sunglasses, etc.


What I most wanted was to implement some structure to the drawer. It doesn't matter if you move objects around in semi categories if they'll just scatter and shift every time you open the drawer. 

I went to The Container Store and picked up these desk drawer organizers and some kitchen organizers to put all my things together. 


-Clean out first:
Before you start anything, clean out everything and only keep the things you really want and will use. 

-Know what you're organizing: 
Whether it's a kitchen junk drawer, for your bedroom, office, bathroom, etc, know what you want to put in and organize based on what is easy to reach and see when you look at your things.

-Divide by category: 
I divided my things based on sunglasses, my hair ties and bobby pins, and my hair stuff, such as my hair brushes and headbands.



Here's the aftermath! The entire process took less than an hour and went by in a breeze. I totally recommend taking an afternoon to do all of this, and listen to your favorite music, audiobook or podcast and the whole process will breeze by painlessly.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful! I wish all of you the best of luck on your cleaning out your own personal spaces.

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