Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick and Foundation Brush Review

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Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick is a new foundation stick from Hourglass that promises to have "the full coverage of a concealer, fluid texture like that of a liquid, and weightless feel like a powder." 

Hourglass also released their Vanish Foundation Brush to accompany their Vanish Foundation Stick.

I'm a big fan of the Hourglass primer so when Hourglass sent me their new foundation with the accompanying brush, I was pretty excited to try it out. 

I was skeptical of their claims, since full coverage foundations rarely looks natural, unless you blend it to oblivion, which takes away from its full coverage. Also, having oily skin, I haven't had the best luck with foundation sticks. 

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick in Bisque.

The Good: This foundation makes your skin look amazing! It's full coverage as promised and makes your skin look naturally flawless while still looking like skin. It lasts all day, and strangely looks better the longer you wear it. The foundation brush is really dense and a great buffing brush.

The Bad: I found that you really have to buff this foundation into your skin and blending it takes quite a bit of work. Also, around my nose, it rubbed off after a few hours and it's very powdery, which if you have dry patches, I think it would emphasize it. 

Final Thoughts: I love this foundation. Blending it out is an annoying process but it wears and looks amazing in pictures and in person. This is a great foundation to wear out and to be photographed in since it contains no SPF. The color range is vast, with over 26 shades so there's a color match for every skin tone.

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick retails for $46 and is available at Sephora

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush retails for $46 and is also available at Sephora

Disclaimer:  Hourglass sent me Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick and Foundation Brush for review consideration but I was not paid nor expected to write a review of their products, just really liked it! 

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