Colourpop Haul + First Impressions

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Hey all! Colourpop recently had their 20% flash sale and I decided that it was the perfect time to try out a brand that I've heard about for a long time and is very much hyped about online. 

Scroll down to see my haul and mini review of Colourpop! 

Partridge (left), Lunch Money (right)

From left to right: Clueless, Are N Be, Privacy Please, Bumble, RoochDopey Pencil, Rooch Pencil

The Good 

What I like about Colourpop is that generally, it's good, cheap makeup that's a great alternative to rising drugstore makeup prices. All the lipsticks, even the ones whose formula I wasn't too crazy about, lasts until you decide to take it off. 

The eyeshadow, Partridge, really impressed me and reminded me of the duochrome color in Wet and Wild's palette Comfort Zone, which both of these eyeshadows end up being an amazing dupe for MAC's Club.

The Bad

I mentioned above that Colourpop, in general, is good makeup for the price but because of that, the formula is not the same as high end products. 

The lipsticks are drying. Everyone mentioned this, and since I've tried plenty of liquid lipsticks from other brands, so I didn't pay much mind but beware that all these lipsticks, especially the darker ones, are super drying on the lips. 

Rooch and the Rooch Pencil go on patchy and the color isn't 100% opaque. Keep this in mind when buying vampier colors from this brand. 

Lunch Money is a pretty shade of highlight but I had to really pack it on my cheek for it to show and I found that it wore off after a couple hours. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like Colourpop. It's extremely affordable and they have a nice range of colors and products. Colourpop is extremely hyped up and I would just caution on lowing your expectations when you buy their products. They are a good brand, and they have some great gems in their line, but they're not perfect, like all brands are. 

Have you tried Colourpop? What's some of your favorite products and colors? 

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