What's In My Bag | Summer Edition

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I can't believe it's already August! As the weather changes, so does my essentials for each season. Check out what I can't live without this summer!

I love tote bags in general because they can give such a casual twist on any look. I love this particular tote bag because it's so roomy and can fit almost everything since it expands with the material being really study and reliable. Plus, the literary throwback to one of Fitzgerald's classics is amazing.

I like to travel a lot during the summer and walk around various parts of the city, so I like keeping things that I can use all day long.

1. Headphones: I carry my headphones everywhere. Whether it's walking around the city or killing time, they are absolutely essential. My Beats are the Beats Solo2 Headphones and they have great sound and block out outside noise.

2. Water: If you know me, then you know that I drink lots of water. I like having a large water bottle with me so I can drink it and refill throughout the day.

3. Book: I usually carry around my kindle or a book I'm currently reading. One of the books I'm currently reading this ARC of The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle that will be released on August 18.

4. Beauty Bag: I have this mini makeup bag from Sephora and I like keeping all my beauty stuff inside it so it's not thrown all over my bag. 

Inside I keep: 
-Lip Balm
-Blotting Sheets
-Mirror: This cheeky 'You Suck' Mirror Compact is from Forever 21

5. Sunglasses: This a obvious choice. I've been digging these from H&M because they have such a chic 60s vibe about them.

6. Wallet: My current wallet is this white one from Michael Kors that goes with absolutely everything. 

What's a must have in your summer bag? 

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