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Hey everyone! This summer has been incredibly transformative and illuminating for me. It's always vital to see how you grow throughout your life, whether you want to measure it in days, weeks, months, or years. 

I started this blog a while ago because I wanted to talk about the things I loved, beauty and stories. Over time, it's evolved into more lifestyle and self-improvement tips. The feedback has been so vital and beautiful to me. It's given me a lot of opportunities and helped me meet lots of people and travel to different places. 

I consider everything a tool in life. Everyone you meet, every experience you're given is a tool in order for you to grow or to help someone else grow.  Continuing on that tool analogy, sometimes you have to set down one tool in order to pick another one up. Being a content creator has given me incredible discipline and helped flex my creativity as a writer, photographer, and artist. 

Over the summer, I've realized that I need to take a break from my website, and focus on other aspects of my creativity that have taken a backseat. 

I'm not quitting blogging, but I am taking a hiatus, which is a much needed break for me. I want to focus more inward, on myself and what's around me. I don't quite know when I'll be back, but this is not a goodbye, just a 'see you later'. I'll be occasionally posting a couple times a month. 

I hope that you get out of this, that sometimes you have to take a step back and look at your life objectively and make decisions on what you need to do, what you need more, and what you need less. It's hard, and sometimes it's not the safest or easiest decision, but we do not live this life to make easy and safe decisions.  

I'll still be active on my social media, and I'll be posting short thoughts on books I read on goodreads. If you want a list of all the books I've reviewed, you can check out my list here.

If you're reading this, thank you thank you thank you for checking out my space on the internet and finding my tips helpful and liking this passion project of mine. 

Follow me on social media, I always love hearing from you! 

Talk to you soon, 

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