Minimalism: How To Easily Declutter Your Space

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Easy tips and tricks to clean out your space and embrace minimal living! 

A few weeks ago, I read the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, (you can read my review of it here!) and I found it incredibly enlightening. 

In the book, Kondo talks about only keeping things that make you happy. I found this frame of thinking to be such a game changer that I committed myself to decluttering my space and getting rid of things I didn't find useful anymore. 

I wanted to share with you a sort of beginner's guide to minimalism and an easy way to declutter the space around you. I'm by no means perfect, and not an expert on tidying or minimalism, but these general tips have helped me out and are easy to act on.

Start by envisioning your space

This can range from your room, your apartment, your office space, or even your bag. Whatever your space is, your goal should be clear before you start anything. Do you want everything hidden away? More efficient? It's good to have a general goal of what you want to achieve by organizing your space.

Focus on your space

It's good to keep this in mind: only keep things that bring you joy or have a purpose.

A lot of what we have is clutter, and we keep things that we tell ourselves we're going to use later, but we never do. Keeping things in your space that are useful to you and make you happy have a positive effect on your mood and productivity.  


There's a couple of different ways you can tackle the actual process of making the choice of what to keep or what to give away. Marie Kondo advises going by category, but I like going by section, going clockwise in whatever room I'm working on. 

If you want to go the Marie Kondo way, and work by category, Lavendaire made a great checklist as a guide that you can print out here.

Declutter your tech

I don't see this tip around a lot, but our phones, computers, and other gadgets are such a huge part of our lives and deleting apps or useless photos, videos, text threads, and notes helps free up your space and keeps only what you need.

A good frame of mind to keep when dealing with individual tech, is to ask what do you use each gadget for and for what exact purpose. That helps to keep on your iPad, for example, only entertainment apps if that's the only thing you use it for. 

Declutter first then organize

It's better to declutter everything in your space then do storage and organize. It helps so you don't become overwhelmed by all you have to do. Also once you know what you have, you can move things around based on what's left and create smarter storage. 

Cleaning out one of my 'junk' drawers

Donate and sell

Whatever clothes, shoes and accessories you don't want anymore you can also donate to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. 

If the area you live in doesn't have any brick and mortar stores that buy used clothing, you can always sell your clothes online. I've been selling my clothes online on Depop, a shopping app that is the lovechild of Etsy and Instagram. It's super easy and all transactions go through Paypal, which makes it safe to use. Have a look at my Depop store here.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful! I wish all of you the best of luck on your cleaning out your own personal spaces.

-Amanda Leon

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