SheaMoisture SuperFruit Hair Masque Review!

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SheaMoisture SuperFruit Hair Masque ($12.99) is a deep conditioning mask that according to the brand itself, "contains powerful antioxidant properties that support and protect aging hair for the effect of UV exposure and other environmental aggressors and nourishing oils hydrate and smooth coarse hair.

I tried another SheaMoisture conditioning mask before with disastrous results and generally avoid SheaMoisture's hair products since they are not intended for my hair type. I was honestly really skeptical to try out this mask but I'm really glad I did! 

This hair mask is incredibly moisturizing and nourishing but not heavy on the hair and doesn't leave a residue after rinsing out. I was really surprised how volumizing and healthy my hair looked after, the results lasting days after I've washed it. I'm sure this is because the mask contains both biotin and shea butter, which add strength and moisture to hair follicles. 

SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque Super Fruit is available here.

-Amanda Leon

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