Week XIV Forever 21 Nail Lacquer Baby Blue

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In the past year, I've noticed that a lot of clothing brands, including Forever 21, seem to be expanding into cosmetics and beauty products, including makeup and nail polish, among other things. 

Once upon a time, if a clothing store offered lip gloss or eyeshadow, it would be mostly assumed that they were of poor quality since they didn't specialize in cosmetics. This has changed, and while some of the beauty products offered by these companies leave much to be desired, once in a while, you find a gem in their beauty line. 

I got this nail polish a while ago and the packaging is small and adorable, and the design reminds me of something Urban Outfitters would put out. True to its name, its a pastel baby blue and the formula is smooth and not too sheer, which I was worried about. 

For its price, Baby Blue is fantastic, its application is easy and not too thick, not too sheer and has good wear time, lasting around a week, a little longer if used with a good top coat. 

Forever 21 Nail Lacquer in Baby Blue retails for $2.50 and is available here

-Amanda Leon 
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