Art Basel 2014

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Art Basel is this annual art festival that happens in Miami every year where art connoisseurs come together to look at A R T. 

If you don't know about Art Basel, it originally started as a haven for art collectors and now has expanded to a cultural event that happens every year where people look at art (using this word loosely) and some people pay exorbitant amounts of money to own this said art. 

It originally was in Miami Beach for years and this year, expanded to Downtown Miami and Wynwood, the new up and coming art district close to Overtown. 

I haven't been to Art Basel in years, mostly because I'm not a big fan of Modern or Contemporary art, but when a friend invited me to come along to the new Art Basel in Wynwood, I thought it was a great chance to test out my new camera and check out the "local" aka trust fund artists in this newly gentrified city. 

So, Saturday night, we got in my car, packed with my new canon and parking money and off we went to the heart of Wynwood. 

One thing that needs to be said if you're not from Miami and you don't know anything about Wynwood is that it's 'thing' is street art and huge murals on building walls, way before it became "cool". For Wynwood Art Basel, walls were saved for artists showing in the festival, which I thought was interesting. 

I had no idea where we were going and just trusted that we weren't going to get lost in the seemly endless labyrinth. We reached a warehouse turned art installation named FREEDOM according to my Instagram's geotag.

I couldn't see the names of the artists featured in the warehouse, but I assumed it was more than one artist.

They had several interactive graffiti boards with stencils and spray cans nearby so the visitors could make their own art, which was cool. 

I loved this mural so much. It was 3D and was stunning. Just look at the detail!

Oh hai, Jullian Assange.

Wild blogger spotted in Art Basel. My OOTD is not very #impressive.

We left the warehouse and roamed around again. We saw a lot of pretty wall murals, the one below twinkling with blue lights. 

We wandered through a lot of clubs around Wynwood, packed with a huge line of people wanting to get in. Some of these 'clubs' were no bigger than my living room, but I guess this was all part of the Art Basel experience. We kept walking. 

There's some things here that were not photographed, such as our try and failure to get to the Erykah Badu party, randomly finding ourselves at another party across the lawn hosted by a beatboxing ginger Mac Miller look a like, plugging my camera's battery charger on an art mural, which probably was worth more than all my possessions put together (Oops!), seeing 14 year olds and their 'crew' (their word not mine) rapping on a street corner and traffic. The horror of Miami traffic. 

I took Art Basel for what is was, I saw some pretty art, mostly on building walls, but was disappointed in everything else, especially what was in the galleries. 

I wonder what this movement in art history will be called and whether the art actually says something about our culture or art events like this are just ventures for expensive, ugly 'art'. 

Art Basel is truly loved and enjoyed for those who have a hefty bank account, bad taste, and a lot of alcohol in their systems.

If you see art that you love, whether online or in your local communities, go support the artist. Not everyone has the connections and $$$ to show at art events, such as Art Basel and other festivals in general. 

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The friend mentioned aka my tour guide for the evening was @JeffreyCotto which you can find on twitter. 

 Hope you enjoyed! 

-Amanda Leon

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