Comic Review: Storm #1

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Title: Storm #1 (Storm (2014) #1)

Author: Greg Pak, Victor Ibáñez (Illustrator)
Release Date: July 23, 2014
Publisher: Marvel
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★★★
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Thief. Goddess. Headmistress. Queen. The X-Men called STORM has always defied a single title. And her desire to better the world has never been limited to only her own kind. On a mission to foster goodwill and safeguard the mutant race’s continued existence in her own way, Storm will travel the globe, confronting man and mutant, god and monster and everything inbetween. She will overthrow tyrants, quell tsunamis and strive to see her dream for the world realized. She is STORM, a hero like no other….and the skies will tremble at the sight of their namesake.


My Review: 

I'm a huge X-Men fan and I was pretty hyped to read the latest solo spinoff. If I'm not mistaken, this is Storm's first headlining series. 

As with any iconic character, such as Storm, you can either expand the character and add symbolic levels to her or completely screw it up. It's really important to keep a balance of entertaining and pleasing new fans who maybe have only seen the movies and long time comic readers. Storm #1 does an amazing job at keeping this balance.

X-Men has always been a vehicle for metaphors and symbols for our society's injustices and showing Storm, who's a black character without making it a big deal that she's the main character who so happens to be black is refreshing. The story effortlessly balances between politics and personal relationships without being jarring or trying too hard. 

This first issue is beautifully drawn and written and I was left supremely impressed by the time I finished reading it. It's engaging and does a great job at balancing to entertain its audience of new readers and old fans. 

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Storm #1 can be found here and at your local comic book store. 

Have you read the first issue of Storm? Thoughts?

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