Comic Review: The Wicked + The Divine #1

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Title: The Wicked + The Divine #1 (The Wicked & The Divine #1)

Author: Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (Illustrator)
Release Date: June 18, 2014
Publisher: Image Comics
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★
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Diabolically divine pop-god Lucifer is in trouble. She offers superfan Laura an unprecedented deal if she helps. It’s a bargain. A Faustian bargain, and they always turn out so well. Who knows who Laura will turn to fulfill it? We do. Clearly. It’s our comic. You can know too if you buy this fine pictorial narrative with your human money coins.


My Review: 

There's a lot of hype surrounding this new series from Kieron Gillen, the writer behind Young Avengers. I discovered this comic through the internet and I really liked the art from the comic since it's my favorite type of style and the colors looked beautiful. When it comes to things that are hyped, I was excited but didn't put my expectations too high just in case it wasn't what I expected. 

This issue is short, like most series from Image, most are around the late 20 and the 30 page mark and because of this we get a brief introduction to the story and the characters.

The Wicked + The Divine is about twelve gods who reincarnate every 90 years but end up dying really young, apparently, and in the present are pop stars. We meet three of the twelve gods by name; Lucifer (but you can call her Luci), Amaterasu, and Sakhmet. 

The story deliberately refrains from infodump so you can have an emotional connection to the story and the interview portion really helps clear up a lot of questions the readers may have about the nature of the gods. 

Have you read The Wicked + The Divine? What did you think?

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