Three Easy Looks Using Blue Eyeliner!

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Every runway season, photographs of not only the latest clothes come out, but also the latest hair and makeup trends. While these bold and sometimes outright crazy looks can look edgy and amazing on the models, I've always wondered where can you really wear colored lashes and blue lips anywhere other than on Halloween. A big trend that I noticed for Spring '14 was blue eyeliner. 

From Marc Jacobs to Prada, all varieties of blue eyeshadow and liner were all over the runways for Spring 2014. Blue eyes are definitely dramatic and not typically wearable IRL. I was still really curious and determined to pull off blue eye makeup in the daytime! And have it look modern and 'chic'. 

Without further ado, here is my take on the Spring 2014 blue makeup trend and the following looks are super easy to do and I really wanted them to be subtle enough where they don't look clownish and ridiculous, but bold enough that you do notice the blue on the eyes and that they are versatile to work with most outfits.

I specifically used a product that was on the affordable end of the spectrum, since colored liner is more of a seasonal than an all year round product and I didn't want to throw out a Dior or Givenchy eyeliner for a product that most would only use for a few months (although I've tried both mentioned and they're really good options too!) 

For all three looks, I used Avon Extra Lasting Eye Liner in Cobalt.

Look 1: Simple blue eyeliner with gold shimmer

Use a shimmery gold shadow all over the lid (I mixed Maybelline's Color Tattoo Pure Pigment Eyeshadow in Barely Brazen with Trick from the Naked 3 palette). Then add a nude color to the crease and under the eye. I used NakedThe focus here is all on the liner, not the crease, so you want just enough to add dimension to the eye but not bring attention to it. 

After that, draw a thin line with the liner. If you're new to liquid eyeliner, a way to make it easier is load up the color with an eyeliner brush (my personal fav is the MAC 263) and draw it on. Then to intensify the color, go over it with the brush that the package comes with. Finish with mascara.

Look 2: Blue winged eyeliner


Look two is just extending the wing and making the general line thicker. If you want to keep it simple, you could always use a neutral matte shade and a matching crease color. With winged eyeliner, especially a bold color, you want to emphasize the blue of the eyeliner, not your eyeshadow. Think of the eyeliner as the picture, and the eyeshadow is the frame that emphasis the picture, not competes for its attention.

Look 3: Bronzed look 

This look is perfect for transitioning from Spring to Summer since it mixes a bronze eye with a bold accent color that goes perfectly with the hot weather. For look three, take a bronze color (I used Smog) and apply it all over the lid and crease. Then draw a thin line of the blue eyeliner as close as you can to the lash line.

After that, you want to apply a blue eyeshadow underneath the eye. You can choose any shade of blue that you prefer as long as that color is lighter than the color of your liquid liner. 

I used the BH Cosmetics Day & Night Palette and mixed the following two colors:

Ignore my superbly dusty palette! 

It's best to apply these colors lightly with a small pencil brush and blend it out. It's always easier to add in the color than to take it away. Add mascara to the top and bottom lashes and you're done! 

These are my three blue eyeliner/eyeshadow looks for Spring!  I hope you all liked it and if you're wondering, I wore all three of these looks around while running errands and going to school and I've gotten nothing but positive comments on it! 

Let me know if you plan to recreate any of these looks! 

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