Origins GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer Review

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Origins GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer ($26.50) is a lightweight, oil free moisturizer that promises to revitalize skin to create a fresh and radiant glow to the skin with "legendary skin-boosters like panax ginseng and coffee bean to jumpstart hydration levels." 

I was very excited to try this out since a lot of bloggers have raved on how this is the perfect moisturizer for the hot summer months and living in Florida where it's pretty much blazing 90+ degrees all year round, I was hoping that it would keep me refreshed and give a beautiful glow to my skin (who doesn't want to have the glow of a powerful goddess while trying not to melt in the heat?)

I applied it in the morning under my makeup (which works beautifully, making it a soft and even canvas, without smearing it everywhere, something a lot of moisturizers that I've tried cannot say) and it moisturized enough for my oily skin to do the job but I don't think it will be enough for dry skin. It also has a wonderful citrus scent to it. I didn't have a reaction to it but if you have sensitive skin like I do, I would do a patch test before purchasing since this product has a heap of fragrance to it. 

The more I used it however, I started realizing that it was breaking me out. Not huge zits, but smaller, nefarious blackheads and whiteheads, some of which are still holding on after months of not using this product. I'm a big lover of Origins and I use some of their products daily but I've noticed that some people don't react well to the brand, due to them using various oils in their formulas but Origins usually has a huge success rate for me. 

Truthfully, this is a product that you ultimately have to try for yourself, although I wouldn't recommend to dry skin simply because it's not very moisturizing. One of my friends used it, having oily skin just like I do and absolutely fell in head over heels in love with it and now is a daily staple in her routine. Like, I said, it all depends on the wearer themselves! 

X Amanda Leon

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