Chasing Yesterday Trilogy Review!


Title: Chasing Yesterday Trilogy

Author: Robin Wasserman
Release Date: 2007
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★1/2
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Chasing Yesterday is a series of books written by Robin Wasserman. The series follows a girl after she wakes up in the middle of rubble, with no memory of her past. J.D. must find out where she came from.


My Review:

The Chasing Yesterday series by Robin Wasserman takes place with a 13 year old girl who wakes up after a freak accident with no memory of who she is or what caused the accident. The following three books details J.D. (she names herself this as an abbreviation of the unknown identity placeholder Jane Doe) as she struggles to find out who she is and escape the people who are trying to hunt her down. 

I've said this before in one of my reviews but the biggest issue in these books is that you don't connect to the characters. At all. You don't care what happens to them, there's no tension or sitting at edge of your seat hoping that X character will make it out alive and if there's no character connection in a story then the whole story is doomed. 

You feel nothing for these characters so all the action scenes and dialogue fall flat because you're like, who cares?  

All three books are breathtakingly short, none of them exceeding 250 pages. Because of this, there's little to no character development and the concept is not executed properly. The idea to this novel, genetically engineering human embryos to develop telekinetic powers, is super interesting but because of its length and its immaturity of execution, bores you and barely keep you interested. It's a shame, since the concept is very interesting and had the opportunity to raise questions on genetics and the ethics of human experimentation. 

I rate the trilogy as a whole two stars. I think maybe someone younger who doesn't know too much about tropes and cliches could possibly enjoy this series but I highly doubt it. 

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Have you read this series? What are your thoughts on it? 

Amanda Leon

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  1. I love this book series. I've read these books since 2008-2009 in junior high. May I ask you a favor? ☺

  2. Amanda where did you buy all those book trilogy? From a book fair? Online? It's strange that scholastic Inc. doesn't have it except Amazon and Barnes and Noble do have them but are way too overpriced :-(